Money isn’t everything, but in our case, it can make a huge difference. No amount is too small either.
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Don’t want donate money, but still want to help ? You can !

Our cleanliness standards are very high, and as a result, all living and sleeping quarters are cleaned out on a daily basis. For the most part, this is for the comfort of our residents, but imperative in the summer months to alleviate fly strike, and other ailments such as urine scald for our older residents who aren’t as mobile as they used to be. If you’re wondering what urine scald feels like for a bunny, imagine getting out of the bath or shower, and not drying yourself properly. Recall that stinging sensation ? It’s the same thing.

How can I help ?

Believe it or not, newspaper makes a huge difference when you need to absorb wetness. None of our pens have wooden floors – the lower floor is tiled, and the upper levels are constructed using a waterproof base used in bathrooms. This is to prevent any exposed timber from rotting over time. Using newspaper means we can absorb as much wet material as possible – almost like a “flat nappy” for the bunnies meaning that wetness is absorbed into the newspaper. Not only does this benefit the bunnies as the moisture is drawn away from their fur (which is like felt in the sense that it holds onto moisture when wet), but is also makes pen clearance a simpler affair.

In a nutshell, we get through hundreds of newspapers per month, and are always looking for more. If you have any unwanted newspapers piled up anywhere, or better still, would be willing to save these up for us to collect periodically (or if you’re passing by, we’d love you to drop them off !), please let us know via the contact form.