Welcome to HoppyHope.org, a privately run self-funded rabbit rescue and sanctuary.

Why We’re Different

We do everything we can to care for and nurture the bunnies that land up in our care. We work tirelessly with local vets and exotic specialists (yes, believe it or not, bunnies are classed as “exotic”) in order to provide the best level of care and well-being possible. We’ll never abandon a “bunny in need” or just pass the problem onto someone else. We’re in this for the long haul, have a passion for what we do, and have spent our lives caring in order to excel.

What We Do

We are a 100% self-funded rabbit sanctuary that takes in unloved, unwanted, and unwell bunnies in order to improve their quality of life, and give them the second chance that they deserve. There are far too many bunnies in this world that are abandoned or mistreated, who suffer unnecessarily. We set out to try and change this ethic over 20 years ago. From humble beginnings with one hutch, and one bunny, we’ve devoted our lives to the welfare of these wonderful animals.

Bunny Benefits

Every bunny that comes to the sanctuary gets the same high level of care and attention as those who already live there. From a carefully monitored environment to the right diet that is suited to the individual, each one can guarantee that they’ll get plenty of exercise, plenty of love, and plenty of attention. Housed inside a purpose built and secure shelter that has double-glazing, heating, lighting, and comfy living conditions, they are well and truly pampered. The shelter offers full protection against the unpredictable elements, is cleaned daily, and is also extremely well equipped.

A Forever Home

All the bunnies we take in are given a “forever home”. As we are not breeders and will never sell any of the bunnies in our care. They come to us for a reason, and it’s for that same reason that they stay. Some have serious illnesses, habitual and environmental issues, or have been mistreated. We make it our mission to ensure that these furry balls of love get the best chance possible of having a loving environment, and a warm, safe home to live in.